Gladys Santiago

Never Fear the “Little People” are Here

Posted in Television by Gladys Santiago on June 27, 2010

This poorly thought out NYT article reminds me of the Jeanine Garofalo joke about fashion and the runway that goes:

They have these runway shows and then they have a commentator going, “A return to glamor this season. A pretty face is your best asset this season.” As opposed to last season. When ugly girls had a free ride. When back fat was all the rage.

Granted I mis-remembered that joke and originally thought it exclusively pertained to overweight women, but Maria Ricapito’s piece is still ill-conceived and biased.  It’s something that I hope Jezebel picks up on as she seems to forget the entire sub-genre of action films (think Die Hard) where one man is responsible for saving the day.

Here’s particularly savory quote:

Perhaps Americans feel powerless in an era of gushing oil, ongoing wars and a slippery economy, and want to believe that the little people can vanquish the big bad guys.

Woohoo!!  Girl power!!


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  1. Tana Corporon said, on June 30, 2010 at 11:37 pm

    Dear Gladys,

    Thank you a thousand times! I am a writer at bellapetite, and I, too, find Ms Ricapito’s NYT’s article nothing but ineffectual verbiage; she needs to get not only her facts and “descriptions” straight, but WAKE UP AND SMELL THE PETITES!!! It’s not like “petite” actresses just started to grace our silver-screen/big-screen!

    I’m actually in the middle of an article about HER article! Hope you can drop by and check out some time this week!

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