Gladys Santiago

Who to Follow

Posted in Advertising, Marketing, Media by Gladys Santiago on August 6, 2010

Twitter - Who to Follow

Today, Twitter went all passive aggressive and told me who to follow. Is that an order, Twitter?  It sure sounds like one.  Let me socially network at my own pace.  I hate that “People You May Know” feature on Facebook so stop trying to be like them, you’re better than that.  I only like “who to follow” suggestions on Fridays and I prefer those suggestions from people I already follow.  Get my drift?

Twitter, I like you for you.  I don’t want the all those bells and whistles.  Keep It Simple, Stupid.  By the way, where did all my @ replies go?


VitaminWater Labels Get a Facelift

Posted in Branding by Gladys Santiago on March 27, 2010

Vitamin Water Label Comparisons

A few weeks ago I noticed subtle yet dramatic changes to VitaminWater’s iconic labels.  The once plain (almost medical-looking) labels are now shiny–flashy even.  Over at my Flickr page, I’ve annotated the differences between the old and new packaging.  The witty, conversational copy has remained the same, but the label makeover makes me wonder if changes are part of an overall rebranding strategy designed to resonate with Millennials.  Earlier this year, VitaminWater introduced a new flavor called Connect, which was created by Facebook users.  More recent VitaminWater additions also include flavors calls Dwnld and Spark.  Perhaps the shiny labels are supposed to signify perpetual connectivity or inclusion in some social network.  Please feel free to tag any differences I might have missed.